Cabaņa Los Sauces


Thanks to their simpathy, habits and easy looking after, rabbits became a great pet for the family. A pet you will surely find in Cabaña Los Sauces.



How to look after your pet?

Rabbits are very sensible to climate factors, such as hot weather or strong winds. As many other pets they must have a balanced diet and great comfort, they are easily disturberd by strange or high volume noises. So these must be avoid for the rabbits not to suffer stress.

As regards comfort, these pets need their own place where they can feel really "at home". A good idea is prepearing them a jail (either in metal or in wood) where they can sleep, eat and rest. It might sound a little beat rare the idea of a jail, but if we offer them a jail as twice or three times theirs size...your pet will be anxious to get in their and enjoy it´s time.
Tha jail must be cleaned every day in order not to aloud diseases atack owr rabbit. It can be either in the house or in the garden, we don´t have to forget that they adapt extremely well to verlow temperatures but not so to high ones.

A balanced food is the best diet for a rabbit. This way we make sure nothing will be missing for owr rabbit to grow up strength and to keep diseases out of him. Water is a very important task in the every day care, if it is not permanently available for them, they might suffer deshidratacion. And believe us that this is one of the most common things that ends up in any other disease.

Probable diseases

Mucous: It is due to the presence of bacteries in the high area of the respiratory system. In this case you should contact your vet and in the mean time purify it´s water with lavandina.
Ear´s parasites: Parasites might invade the rabbit´s ears either in their adult form or we might find their eggs. The disease looks like a brown bees´ panal inside the animal´s ear. You can try solving the problem by adding a quarter olive oil tea spoon in it´s ear and clenaning the area with a piece of algodon.

Diarrhoea: If owr rabbit presents this sintome we must add to the diet some dry grass or even change the balanced food for a new one.
Wounds and ulcer: To make sure your rabbit doesn´t have this problem, you must look their legs and rarely their hands. Just to avoid the disease or to reduce the ake, you can get something (plastic or wooden maden) for the rabbit to rest on it.

Twisted neck: Bacteries can also cause an ear infection. Due to this, the animal starts to move it´s neck towards the floor. You will see they can´t stand up and when they try they fall down. This disease is really hard to cure. You must contact your vet as soon as the first sintomes appear.